Faster. More Accurate. No Downtime.

The Stone Industry's Most Accurate 3D Optical CNC Tool Measuring System.

Take back the time lost and money spent on tool calibration with Zares II. Save big in the first year of operation alone! Register now to learn more.

Zares II

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Best Technology Award

Tool Scan:

Manual set-ups can be time consuming to say the least. Now measuring your CNC tool in full 360 degrees happens in only 10 seconds!

Tool Size

Zares II has the ability to measure profiles as small as 1-250mm in diameter and height of up to 75mm; meaning there’s little that this machine can’t handle.

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Tired of inconsistency and spindle maintenance associated with traditional set-ups? Our specifically designed lens is calibrated to 5 microns inside a heat treated encasement with an oil suspended automatic spindle.

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100% Offline:

Done with having to stop production only to spend hours setting up your tools? With Zares ll all calibrations are accomplished offline with zero machine downtime, meaning your CNC machine can now run as it was designed.

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With no more guessing, the Zares II software was developed by MainAxis srl, Italy. Its intuitive interface comes with a complete tool library, color coded tolerance and wear reports, and a unique feature that automatically aligns tool drawings with live scans. Extending the life of your tools has never been easier.

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Now for the first time ever, full CNC machine integration is achievable. Send measurements directly from ZARES II to your CNC router with zero user inputs. This means not only are you saving time, but also the likelihood of ruining a tool based on user error is now eliminated.

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Not Hard to Compare

Zares II is the stone industry’s most accurate 3D Optical CNC Tool Measuring System. Register now for a free demo to learn more about how it can revolutionize your business.


  • Telecentric lens calibrated up to 5 microns
  • Hi-resolution digital camera
  • Lens encasement - heat treated to stabilize fluctuations in temperatures
  • Consistently level, oil suspended automatic spindle
  • Constant fluctuations based on the machine being measured (new/used CNC machine, worn out spindle, spindle out of tram)
  • Lens calibrated up to ~17 microns

Scan Times

  • 10 sec/tool
  • 2.5 min/set consistently
  • ~30 min/set (inconsistent, based on user error)
  • CNC machine movement error stems from operator

Data Sets

  • Tool wear
  • Tool life
  • Over 38,000 data points per tool
  • Concentricity reports
  • 3D to 2D tape rollout
  • Drawings automatically created from factory
  • And more!
  • Only tool measurements provided
  • Drawings must be created by user

Machine Integration

  • Full integration - Park, Northwood, Brembana (and others upon request) for entering tool offset data automatically
  • No chance of type errors
  • Fully offline, no need to occupy machine operating time
  • Not integrated with CNC machines
  • All tool data sets must be entered manually with the potential for user type errors
  • Requires machine time to operate


  • Over 2.5 years in measuring 10,000+ tools with zero machine down time
  • Zero service requirements on parts needed to date
  • No Data

Production Results

  • Increases tool speed and life based on verified removal rates (no more guessing)
  • Increases tool speed and life


  • Measurements sent automatically to your CNC machine
  • Tools automatically aligned
  • Tools scanned in a calibrated spindle, in full 360 degree
    Cumbersome interface that requires you to:
  1. Pre-measure tools
  2. Type in data
  3. Move CNC manually and run a collision report, making sure the unit didn’t move
  4. Run audit report to check measurements
  5. Manually type in all tool measurements on the machine


  • Machine Dimensions: 47"L, 24"W, 13"H
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Machine Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

Zares II Finds a Home at
Stoneworks Ltd

We purchased a Zares II system and have had amazing results with it. Combined with an offline tool dressing system, it allows us to measure, monitor and maintain our tools better than I ever imagined. We recently sent our first set of tools out for Re-EDM after 5000ft. Since running the Zares II system an unexpected bonus was that still after 5000ft our T30 R3 set was still producing an edge with no discernible lines on the flat. With such accurate calibration even at 5000ft the original polish wheels 5-7 still had ~25% measured life left on them.

- Stuart YoungStoneworks